Easy Exit Listing Guarantee

The decision to list your home for sale is a big one. It means you’re trusting your real estate agent to keep all of their promises to you… to get your home sold… in short, to make sure you don’t regret your decision. But what happens if you begin losing faith in your real estate agent? Or you begin to feel like you should have trusted a different real estate agent with the sale of your home? Or worse yet—your real estate agent doesn’t seem to have the same commitment to getting your home sold that you do?

From Premise to Promise

At Happy Homes, we operate on a simple premise: We want to earn your business. And earning your business isn’t a one-time thing, where we quit worrying about your satisfaction as soon as the ink dries on our listing agreement.

This is why we promise to keep earning your business—every single day—by giving you the service, the attention, and the results we promised you when we took your listing.

Promises without Teeth Are Just Words

One of the biggest problems facing the real estate industry is that real estate agents sometimes make promises they can’t keep or really had no intention of keeping in the first place. Promises without teeth are just empty promises… and this goes against everything Happy Homes stands for. This is why we’re the first and only Cullman real estate agency to make you this iron-clad promise: We’ll get your home sold… or you can fire us!

Introducing the Happy Homes Easy Exit Listing Guarantee

You’re counting on us to keep our word… to keep you in the loop about the progress we’re making in getting your home sold… in short, to deliver on the promises we’ve made to you.

And if for any reason we fail to live up to the expectations you have for us, we don’t deserve your business. We’ll gladly release your home from our listing agreement so you can find a real estate agency you think will do a better job of getting your home sold. All we ask is that you send us an email, a fax, or a letter letting us know where you feel we’re coming up short—and give us 14 days to do right by you. If we can’t get our act together within two weeks, we’ll happily release your home from our listing agreement.

The only catch is you can’t fire us if we’re in active negotiations with a buyer (or we’re under contract).

We know we’re taking a huge risk making this kind of guarantee. But you deserve to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to who represents you in the sale of your home.

And that’s just where you’ll be with the Happy Homes Easy Exit Listing Guarantee!