Marketing: How We Will Sell Your Home Fast

The Right Marketing & Team Can Get Your Home Sold Fast

The Happy Homes difference – superior marketing – is the secret weapon that will get your home sold fast… at the right price.

The reality is, the most market interest your home will generate is within the first few weeks it is on the market. We specialize in maximizing this interest… by doing our level best to get prospective buyers so interested in your home that they’d be willing to sacrifice a college football Saturday to look at your home before someone else does.

It takes a mighty big marketing effort to get someone so interested in buying a home that they’d be willing to make this sacrifice. At Happy Homes, that difference is superior marketing. And it all begins with a rock solid plan that will culminate with the sale of your home.

Customized Marketing Plan For Your Home

About the only thing your home has in common with all the other homes on the market is the fact that it has a roof and four walls. So why should the marketing for your home be exactly like everyone else’s? At Happy Homes, we’ll develop a customized marketing plan to emphasize the strengths of your home.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

While far from the only thing we do to get a home sold, making sure your home is listed correctly with the MLS will help to spark interest in your home quickly. This is our opening assault in the marketing war we’ll wage to get your home sold.

Zillow & Trulia Premier Agency

Very few real estate agencies meet Zillow & Trulia’s stringent quality standards in qualifying for prestigious Premier Agency Status. Happy Homes has done it—which gives us the visibility to sell more homes for our clients.  When you list with Happy Homes, your property will immediately and automatically be listed on Zillow and Trulia and benefit from over 37,665 searches for homes that occur in our Cullman County market area each and every month. Just one of these searches could bring a buyer for your home, complements of our Premier Agency Status.

Local Real Estate Books

It’s not cheap, but we market heavily in local real estate books. This generates much more interest in homes we have for sale… and helps us to get excellent results for our clients.

Full Page Ads in The Cullman Times

Even though the vast majority of home searches begin online, many prospective buyers also turn to old media in learning about available homes. This is why Happy Homes has continued our tradition of purchasing a full page ad on the back page of the main section of The Cullman Times every week. These ads are effective and reach approximately 7,000 potential home buyers in Cullman County every week.

Passionate Social Media Following

It seems that everyone and their mother (or mother-in-law) is on social media. Happy Homes is no different. Our rabid base of more than 14,655 followers (and growing) share, like and comment on our posts… and show strong interest when we mention homes we have for sale.  Enjoy the benefits of our social following that’s more than three times that of any other real estate agency in the Cullman area.

Professional Photography

A picture tells a powerful story. What kind of story is told by grainy, out of focus images taken from bad angles… that highlight the worst features of a room in an otherwise wonderful home… or even capture the photographer’s reflection in a mirror? This is why nearly all Happy Homes real estate agents arrange for professional photography for most listings. A picture is worth a thousand words. The question is, what are the right pictures worth in terms of grabbing the attention of prospective buyers and compelling them to learn more about your home?

Drone Videography

One of the latest trends in real estate marketing for large tracts of land and high-end homes is drone videography.  Unique angles and bird’s eye views can make a huge impact, especially on larger tracts, lake property and high-end homes.  When it’s appropriate for your listing, we’ll gladly add drone videography to your marketing plan.

YouTube Virtual Tours

There’s no replacement for setting foot inside a home you’re thinking about buying… this is true. What is just as true, however, is that would-be homeowners are busy folks who want the best of both worlds… seeing the interior of your home while letting the images capture their imaginations. Virtual tours through the magic of YouTube can help potential buyers fall in love with your home… digitally.

Is Your Current Real Estate Agent Marketing Your Home Right?

How good a job is your current real estate firm doing at marketing your home? Do they have what it takes to get it sold? How do you know?

We have a comprehensive marketing plan to sell your home. And we’ll bet you a college football game day that ours is better, more effective, and can get your home sold faster. Contact Us Today!

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